Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Two Whole Years

Two whole years have passed and I haven't posted a darn thing.  That makes me very sad to have such a gap in our memory keeping little blog here.  I vow to update with some photos of the highlights of our life that have happened in the last two years.  Very soon.
Until then, I will say that the main reason for my lack of posting is that life got a bit messy and very sad there for a while.  I mentioned it a tiny bit and couldn't get myself to really write about it, but my dad got sick and passed away in October 2013 and Andrew's dad got sick then passed away just three months later in January 2014.  Our hearts were broken and we've slowly started to heal these past three years but it hasn't been easy.  And some days are still very tough yet it is easier now to look back with fond, happy and loving memories of our Dads instead of raw, bitter sadness. 
In the past two years, we purchased a new home and my mom lived with us for a while before she found a new little home in an area she loves.  So, she moved out and we rearranged and are very much settled now.  Andrew's mom has since sold the house he grew up in and has moved year-round to Florida.
Ben and Dan are now 9 and in the 3rd grade, and Amelia is 4 and in Pre-K. 
They are the best and truly were the little lights that got us through those hard, sad days.  Kids still need their parents no matter what's happening in our lives and I was never more thankful to be a Mom and keep busy with them and their schedules. 

Ok, more to come! Promise.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love Where You Live

Vermont Weekend

We took a little weekend getaway to visit our friends Ben, Laurie and Grace in Barnard, VT.  I wish I took more pictures!  Their home is so quaint and nestled back on some pretty green land complete with a running creek.  It's so lovely.  They were nice enough to host our family as well as our good friends, the Heinzerling-Mintys.  Saturday we went to the lake and the boys and Daddy camped outside on Sat. night in their spacious yard after smores, of course.  Sunday was spent in Woodstock, VT.  What an adorable town!  But the best part of the weekend was simply our time hanging out at their house, watching the kids play, laughing, talking, listening to old records, & making and eating yummy food.