Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's No Fun Being Sick...especially in the Summer

It's been so hot these past few days that I decided to take my kids to any air-conditioned place that could be even remotely fun for them. Not to mention that Ben has some serious mosquito bite issues going I'm boycotting the great outdoors.

Here is where we've been this week:
the playroom at Sunshine Daydream
toy store
Barnes & Noble
Pet Smart
ice cream shop

Well, at one of these fine indoor establishments, my kids got sick. Thanks a lot, heat and humidity.
No one deserves a fever when you are already burning up from the heat. Or a stuffy nose when the air is so thick with humidity that it's already hard to get a nice fresh breath of air.
So right now, I am anti shopping carts, public high-chairs and friendly-on-the-outside-yet-lurking-with-germs-to-its-core play train tables.
I know, that's life...but I just had to complain.
Because having two sick babes is no fun!

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