Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Benjamin and Daniel were scarecrows this year for Halloween. Mommy made their costumes.

Scarecrow Daniel

Daniel munching on some treats.

Ben would not wear his hat.

Ben showing me his pumpkin shaped pretzel.

Daddy was a Phillies fan...not looking very excited here in this picture. Does this really qualify as a costume, Dad...especially since the Phillies were playing that night and you would've worn that shirt anyway? Just wondering.

I was a cowgirl...wearing a leftover hat from their birthday party. We were in the car for these photos trying out the car-to-driveway-to-door method of trick-or-treating (aka the lazy man's trick-or-treating) because we wanted to visit a few of Daddy's co-workers.

We did make it through our own neighborhood quite a bit beforehand (on foot obviously) and the boys were loving it. By the end, they had the whole thing down pat. They tried to walk right into a few houses, though, and were as equally amused with our neighbor's lawn decorations and pumpkins as they were with the candy.

All in all, a great Halloween!

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  1. Great job on the costumes!!! Glad you all had fun!