Friday, May 27, 2011

In Bloom

Our yard (front and back) in our new home needs TONS of work, most of which will require TONS of time. We have been doing lots of clean-up ever since we moved in last July. There is some progress if you look hard enough but the overall picture is still pretty glum.

I have been known to keep the curtains at the back of the house drawn so I don't have to see the yard. I keep reminding myself that it will take time. I need to be patient. Everyone who really knows me understands that I have little patience, except when it comes to parenting (thank God) but I am trying.

I am looking on the bright side this morning, as I witnessed little sprouts of green grass emerging where just two weeks ago there was none (good job, Andrew!). I spotted little bursts of color here and there too. Here's some color to brighten your day!

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