Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Our Kitchen: 8 am

Waiting for the coffee to brew, I snapped some shots of my kitchen. Just some little things in it that make me happy. It will be nice to one day look back and remember the little things in our house that make it a home.

Flowers from the yard in my garden window.

Ahhh...the smell of coffee brewing.

One of my fave antique store finds...this one is from a big shop outside of Avalon, NJ.

A cake stand waiting to be filled with something yummy. I like to keep it filled with something. Last week it was banana cake.

Also, my new cookie jar from Target.

I am not a huge fan of signs like these...but I love this one because it's true, in a few, the 60's flower-powerish background.

My favorite little nook spot

A retro-looking doggie cookie jar that my mom bought for Georgia.

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