Friday, July 8, 2011

My Latest Obsession

When I was in high school, as soon as I started driving, I became obsessed with the idea of getting a Jeep Grand Wagoneer as my first car.

I knew it was just a dream. Had I even gotten my first car in high school, it surely wouldn't have been this one. I'm trying to picture my parents searching the used car lots all over NJ for one. Yeah, right.

Anyway, I have since put this little dream of mine on the back burner since I married into a family who owns car dealerships, none of which are Jeep. I almost got excommunicated for buying a Hyundai once before we were married. get the picture.

Now, onto my latest obsession...and I think this one is going to stick until it's parked in our driveway (even Andrew is on board with this one):

a pop-up camper!!!!

Imagine all the little weekend trips we can take, all the smores we will roast, all the star gazing, hiking, swimming and open fires!

I have been doing some research and now we just need to start saving.


  1. I don't think you will have to worry about Mom visiting your pop-up camper ;o)


  2. i think you are right, dad! but i hope you will ;)