Friday, September 30, 2011

An Easy Fall Treat

First, you need Hershey's hugs. The white and milk chocolate together look cute for fall.

You also need snap pretzels...Snyder's makes them. They look like a basket-weave square.
Place them on a cookie sheet. Oh, and your oven should be preheating right now - 300 degrees.

Have your kids open all of the hugs.

They are allowed to have one or two!

Place one hug on top of each pretzel.

Once all the hugs are in place, put cookie sheets in oven for a mere 3-5 minutes. Keep your eye on them! The hugs should be just starting to melt, not fully melted.

Next, open some bags of candy corn.

Place one candy corn on top of each melty hug. Be careful here...everything's pretty hot! Press the candy corn down just a smidge.

Give your dog a candy corn.

All finished! Aren't they cute? Allow to cool & harden back up completely before storing.

But you can eat while still melty. That's the best!


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