Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Preschool orientation

Their very first day!

Ben & Dan are officially pre-schoolers! They attend school every Tuesday & Thursday for three hours each day.

The first day of school went well. The boys didn't seem anxious or nervous at all. They were excited to show off their show and tell bags and the apples they decorated the night before. The show and tell bag was to include three things that tell about "me". Ben chose a vintage car Daddy gave him, a treasure chest and a stacking shape. Daniel chose a little red racing car, a monorail train and a little stuffed bunny (Vanilla bunny is his name).

The apples were for the classroom bulletin board & they could be decorated any way they chose. I had lots of scrapbooking stickers lying around so we used those. Ben's had his name, Disney stickers, owl stickers, fall leaves and he made polks-dots with the Bingo markers. Dan's had his name, a train with leaves and acorns in the caboose (his idea), and Disney stickers.

Once the doors opened, all the children went in one by one. Some kids were super unhappy, scared and crying. Ben and Dan went in and stood inside, looking at me a bit worried and sad. When I picked them up, they told me they cried just a little bit. I still don't know if that's true or not!

The following school day and every one since, they have marched in happy and proud. When I pick them up, they have a huge smile, a new craft and an empty snack bag. So, it's all good.

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