Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christine's Baby Shower

Guest of honor, Christine, with Karen, Kristy & Mrs. Carr

We celebrated Christine and her little baby Genevieve a few Sundays ago at my Mom & Dad's for her first baby shower. It was a beautiful sunny day & every single woman who was invited was able to attend!

The food was so pretty & delicious!

Cousins Mariann & Paige with Aunt Pixie

My mom & all of her girlfriends

Cousin Amy, Aunt Sharon & Grandmom Winnie

Marilyn & Barb

Mrs. Flynn, Cousin Lizzie, Hannah & Aunt Maureen

Me, Mom & Teen

Fran & Sue

Sue & Baba

Coo & MaryAnn

The gifts were plentiful! Who doesn't love shopping for a little girl?

Mom did a great job hosting & thanks to everyone's generosity, Christine, Kevin and baby are off to a great start!

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