Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Never Grow Up!

Happy 4th Birthday, our sweet boys!
Here are Ben and Dan on the morning of their birthday, about to open their gifts from Mom & Dad.

We headed over for a party at the Little Gym in the early afternoon.

It was a Peter Pan theme. The boys love this story & movie plus it's a great theme to work with since there are so many fun elements. What little boy doesn't love pirates, Indians, flying, and Lost Boys?

Thanks to Aunt Christine we had lots of Peter Pan characters to cut out & use for cupcake toppers and centerpiece buckets, as well as customized placemats for each party guest.

The boys upon arriving.

First off, it was time for free play. We had the Peter Pan Soundtrack playing in the background so the kids jumped & played to the music.

Here's Daniel, Lily & Greysen above.

Cousins Katie & Brooke with Jane.

Dan, Ben smiling at his buddy Joseph.

After free play, the instructors gathered the kids for parachute play.

Then they had a blast bouncing on a huge inflatable mat!

Here are the kids laying down, waiting for all the air to fill the mat and rise them up.


Some cute group shots. Top row is Greysen, Dan, Ben, Finn, Katie, Lily. In the middle row is Maia and on the bottom row is Jane, another Jane, Kevin, Joseph, Nora & Brooke crawling away!

Make a wish!

And please...never grow up! We love you so much, Ben & Dan.

Here is a link to the video the Little Gym assembled of tidbits from the party!

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