Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Soccer

Ben and Dan started soccer three weeks ago.  These were their team shirts on day as pink can get. Luckily, they were switched to the green team once we arrived on the field.

I can't say that they love soccer but they are slowly warming up to it and each week they enjoy it a little bit more.

Dan did love being in goal, though.

 It's funny to watch them from the sidelines, dribbling their balls side by side.

Here they are listening to their coaches.  Every week Mom and Dad are nudging them on, giving our little bits of advice before the session to pay attention, just have fun, separate yourselves a bit from each other, dribble the ball fast like you do in our yard, etc. etc.  We probably should just hush up and let them absorb it all for themselves.   After all, they are only 4!!

I just love those tall soccer socks on them.  They are so cute.

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