Monday, April 9, 2012

St. Patty's 2012

We made Irish Potatoes (candy) as usual this year. It's such a fun, hands-on, messy, family project. I remember making these with my mom and sister every year & packaging them up super cute for our teachers. I bought bright green bags and let the boys decorate them with shamrocks & rainbows. We threw a few in each bag and hand delivered them to our local friends.

You start with the dry ingredients then make a well to dump all the wet ingredients inside. Then you knead, knead, knead until a huge candy ball of dough forms.

Then you form dough into balls (potatoes) and shake in a bag of cinnamon. Here's the result (blurry photos courtesy of Daddy):

We also made happy looking cupcakes with Lucky Charms on top.

After baking vanilla cupcakes, we sorted through Lucky Charms cereal to separate the marshmallows from the rest.

Ben and Dan had fun doing this part.

After icing, some green sugar and the marshmallows, they were done!

Grandmom and Grandpop came over for St. Patty's dinner this year and we all had a really nice time. Grandmom loved my soda bread and Ben devoured the corned beef!

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