Thursday, June 14, 2012


 Bomoseen State Park

 Daddy and the boys in Lake Bomoseen


 Consider Bardwell Farm where we had lunch - yummy cheese paninis with delicious homemade local cheese

 Kristen and Maia (& her buttcrack!)

 Paddleboating & swimming in Lake St. Catherine

 Laurie & Reed

 Spacious grounds at the house we rented in Fair Haven, VT

 The kids loved the swingset perfectly placed under the willow trees

 The old farmhouse we rented

 Back home to New Jersey
We went on a pretty spontaneous & much-needed little getaway to visit our friends Laurie and Ben in VT over Memorial Day weekend.  We rented a house with our friends Kristen & Tom and their children, Maia & Reed.

It wasn't too long of a car ride for the boys and for a growing Mommy belly!

We rented an 1850's farmhouse on several acres with a beautiful yard, pretty views and a big deck for just hanging out and eating lots of good grilled food, local cheeses & caramels and Laurie's homemade dilly beans.

It was a hot and humid weekend so we enjoyed going to two State Parks with lakes where the kids splashed and cooled off.  We visited an adorable little farm after seeing Laurie and Ben's precious house and the back roads on the way were scenic and relaxing.

It was such an enjoyable weekend all around.  Ben and Dan had fun and by the end of the weekend, they were really loving the country setting in VT.  Although in the beginning, they kept saying they liked NYC better (our last little weekend getaway) and I started to wonder if they are more like little city mice than country mice.  I guess they are somewhere in the middle, like their momma.

Once Monday morning came, we were all packed and ready to head back to NJ...while all of our beach town's visitors were on their way out, we were rolling back in.

We can't wait to do that little trip again - next time with a baby girl in tow!

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