Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So far, this December, we are doing some Christmas crafting, the best Dad in the world turned 36 (a good old fashioned Carvel ice cream cake really brought back childhood memories.  I think we got the boys hooked now!) and we captured the best picture ever for our Christmas card.

 Mommy has had fun gearing up for Christmas with the boys, but I must say we didn't do nearly as much as usual with little Amelia in tow.  Plus, there's been a nasty cold spreading from one child to another around here.

But Andrew has a 3 day weekend coming up & so, we will really take advantage of his time off to bake cookies, do some elving, some wrapping, some Christmas light admiring through the neighborhoods and so on.

It just feels more like Christmas when the whole family is together to do the fun, simple things that become our traditions. 

Also, there is a Christmas program at the boys' school and we can't wait!  Let's hope the boys will open their mouths to sing!!!!

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