Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Feet

I found 50 (yes, 50) pictures of this little foot on my iPhone.  I guess he likes his feet.  It was a funny surprise to stumble upon in the middle of the night while nursing Amelia.  So, it was much appreciated.
Our boys are silly.  And growing up right before my eyes way too fast.  They are so tall and their interests are changing.  I don't want them to grow up!  They don't want to either.  They always tell me that.  Hmmm....must take after their mom! 
I wanted to be Peter Pan.
Daniel was voicing his concern for driving all by himself when he's older.  He was explaining it all to me while I lay with him in bed right before bedtime.  He said, "What if I forget to turn left and crash into a pond?  What if I don't know where I am going?".  I don't want him to worry about things like that already!!  I can't believe his little mind wanders to those worries at 5!
I told him to let me be the worrier and his only job is to have fun. 
I love those munchkins to death.

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