Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our House

This winter, we've had quite a few repairs around here.  A broken garage door and washing machine were among the first and I have to give credit to my smart hubby who was able to figure out the problems, order the right parts online and do the repairs himself.  And if you have never seen a washing machine completely disassembled, let me tell you that it looks as if it could never, ever be properly reassembled again.  But, he did it and I was so grateful.

Then pretty recently, we had a pretty big leak from our kitchen piping into the basement that went unnoticed for quite sometime because it leaked into a crawlspace area that we hardly ever go into.  That required my dear husband to rent all sorts of vacuums and pumps and dryers and buy a hazmat looking outfit with a mask (he looked like a storm trooper) to clean and scrub out the dirty water the day before Easter.  I really should thank him more!!

Anyway, I kept getting discouraged thinking about all of the little issues in our house that seem to add up and occupy way too much time in my brain.  And add a grey cold winter where we are all spending way too much time indoors staring at the imperfections and I couldn't escape the thoughts of disappointment toward our little house, which really is pretty darn good to us on a daily basis.

So, when I read THIS post from Memories on Clover Lane blog, I felt so happy that I am not alone!  I could have not written it better myself so please read because I think you may relate too!

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