Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pre School Graduation

 Benjamin and Daniel graduated from Point Pleasant Recreation Center Preschool this past June.  It was the sweetest little ceremony complete with lots of songs and the children's artwork hanging throughout the auditorium.

Ben is in red looking very serious (probably nervous!) and Dan is in blue.

Their little buddy Kevin in blue standing next to the boys.

Mommy and Amelia look on.  She had a terrible cold that day but was still happy and kept clapping when the crowd would clap.

I swear she spotted her brothers on stage because she was laughing and shrieking at one point.  Thank goodness I had Amelia in my lap to tend to because it kept me from crying a hundred times. 

Singing "God Bless America"

Benjamin's self portrait (sorry so blurry)

 Daniel's self portrait

Diploma in hand

After graduation, we celebrated at The Committed Pig for some yummy fries, burgers, grilled cheese and fried pickles.

We are so proud of our little boys and can't believe they are growing up so fast!  We were so pleased with the Little Learners and Kinderschool program at the Rec Center.  Their teachers were great and it was a no frills, sweet little school that was exactly what a pre school should be.  Most of all, the boys made some great friends, especially this year where all the boys got along extremely well.  This year they met Jack, Adam, Landon, and Ben and of course, they remained close with their best buddies Joe and Kevin.

Next year they will be in full day Kindergarten!  Where does the time go?!?!?

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