Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Amelia's Birthday Party

We celebrated Amelia's 1st birthday this past Sunday.

It was a summer themed party, with a cute little mermaid invitation since our little girl was born in late summer.

Sand bucket favors for the kids filled with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, glow sticks, treats, etc.

Sand buckets filled with hydrangeas from our yard and our friend's (thank you Lauren!).

A framed picture of the birthday girl at the front door to greet the guests.

Mommy made a pin the flower on the mermaid game.

Seashells, paint & glitter for the kids to keep busy.  Daddy also filled water balloons for the older kids and Mommy made pink glittery playdough for the younger ones.

It was just a family party but these days, just family means 20 plus people!  All of the cousins had so much fun together!

Painted and glittered seashells by Aunt Christine.

All of the cousins minus Genevieve

Our family of five

Mommy & the birthday girl

Amelia opening some birthday gifts.

Blowing kisses

How precious is this bib hand made by our friend Lauren just for Amelia's special day??

I can't believe she is one!

It was a fun day with beautiful weather.  We do hope little Amelia enjoyed herself and felt the love we all have for her.

**We hardly took any pictures during the actual party but some relatives did.  Let's see if I can track them down for their photos, and if so, more to come!!

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