Thursday, August 1, 2013

Momma's Handmade Gift for Amelia

My mom recently gave me an old baby doll crib that my sister and I used to play with.  I figured it would be the perfect little gift for our Amelia who turns one next week.  I wanted to give it a little TLC and make it her own.  

This is the little mattress pad that goes inside.

So 1970's.  So cute.  Still, it needed to be recovered.  It was vinyl and slippery. 

Here is the slip cover I made for it.  Pretty peaches, pinks and corals for our sweet peach of a girl.

This is the play crib before.  It is in great shape and I could've just left it as is.  The medium brown of the wood was actually pretty nice but I thought it would look better painted.

Here is the after shot.  I used a satin cream color spray paint then roughed up some of the edges with sandpaper to make it look a bit weathered.

I love the way it turned out.  Hanging on the side is the little matching quilt I made to cover Amelia's little baby dolls.

A close up of the quilt.

Even at 11 months, Amelia loves baby dolls and stuffed animals.  She snuggles them and holds them in her arms like a true little Mama.  It was a fun little project that I made with love.

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