Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer's End

A visit to Storybook Land with cousin Genevieve

Trips to the park to practice riding bikes with no training wheels.  Go boys!

A night out with Mama and her boys to the beach at night to meet some friends, play, and watch the fireworks.

An awesome day to Island Beach State Park, with the most beautiful weather at a most beautiful beach.

Summer is winding down, and we are soaking in the last moments before school begins.  Soccer starts this week and Kindergarten orientation is in a few days.

The  boys are excited and a little nervous and so is Mom!  I feel a little sad thinking that Ben and Dan will no longer be in my care all day long.  It's weird to just hand them over to people and hope that they will be taken care of well.  I can see why people choose to homeschool! 

At the same time, I am feeling excited for the boys that they will meet new friends and expand their little minds at their new school. 

Also looking forward to lots of one on one time with Amelia & some cooler, crisp weather come the end of September.

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