Friday, September 27, 2013

Ben and Dan, My Little Photographers

I love when I find pictures on my IPhone that Ben and Dan have secretly taken at some point in the week!

I think it is so sweet that they took so many pictures of Amelia and also tried posing with her.

Possibly even cuter is the fact that they took a few pics of our recent fall decorations around the house (as blurry and cluttered as the fireplace pic is, it's my fave).  It just goes to show that the little details don't go unnoticed by my 5 year old lovies.  I scattered a few little autumn things around on the first day of fall last week while the boys were in school and they were thrilled to see it when they returned home.  And just yesterday, I heard one of them ask their friend Jimmy if his mom had put up fall decorations yet.  So sweet!!

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