Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tail End of August

This child LOVES to be outside!

Amelia & Lily at the playground

They still all fit on my lap!

Kindergarten Orientation Day!

On the bus for orientation (The only time they will take the bus in grade school. Since we live two blocks from the school, we will walk.)

First soccer practice!  Ben in green and Dan in orange. 

Their buddies Jack and Joe are on their team!  They love it so far!

Mommy learned how to make pickles from her friend Colleen.

Thanks to our friends, the Minty's, we were able to cross off a summer bucket list item that I thought just wasn't going to pan out this summer - camping!!

It was just one night (and a rainy/humid one at that) but lots of fun for Ben and Dan as their first real camping experience!

The Minty family- campers extraordinaire!


The tail end of August was busy, fitting in fun stuff while starting our organized sports and getting ready for school.

The carefree summer days are over as today is the first day of Kindergarten!  (I have been up since 4:30 am,  lots of emotions happening over here on Momma's part!)

Everyone around me seems to be missing summer (even though technically it's still summer until Sept. 22) but not me!  Bring on the fall!

Sweater weather, pumpkin everything (coffee - mmm...), crisp air.  YES please!

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