Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall Wrap-Up

New York City girls overnight with Nicole & Katie.  There was so much laughing and lots of cocktails.

I can't get enough of this NYC stoop.  The owner must be adorable.  It was so amazingly cute in person.

Pretty autumn trees in Central Park.

Fitting in as much leaf play as possible on the warmer days.

Playground date that lingered till the sun was setting.  Sidewalk chalking in the near dark.

Dan all bundled for a beach date with Dad and Georgia.  He loves this new hat, one of Daddy's old ones that Mommy shrunk (oops).  I think he loves it so simply because it was his Dad's.

Benjamin and Daniel learned all about the Native Americans and created outfits during Thanksgiving week at school.

There is no such thing as a Thanksgiving without pecan pie in my book.  I could eat this whole thing, no joke!  It's the Pioneer Woman's recipe and it is THE BEST!

The boys were so excited to spend Thanksgiving Day at their cousin Katie's house this year.

And so, the day after Thanksgiving, the boys begged Mommy to put up Christmas decorations.  We did as much as we could and Amelia is in love with the sparkly lights so far in the house.  Daddy is putting up the outside lights as I type this and we will get our tree next week.

Now that its December, it is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!

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