Thursday, February 13, 2014

January Days

Visiting a lego play place for free play on a day off from school.

Playing "I Spy" in the playroom.

Taking "selfies" while blowing kisses to the camera.

Making yummy, warm, cozy meals and snacks like quinoa black bean chili & peanut butter granola.

Experimenting with dry ice.

Snuggling and staying warm in sweaters and hats.

Gathering with family for Genevieve's 2nd birthday party.

Going to art class with some buddies after school.

Playing indoors because we have no choice with all of the snow that just won't melt!

Reading her favorite book about snow.

Attending birthday parties.

Fighting off colds.

January was a long, cold month with lots of snow that still remains in icy chunks on the sides of the roads.  There was a nasty stomach bug for all but Mommy and some bad colds for the children which meant several days absent from school.  Plus there were snow days mixed in there too so we have been cooped up most days & just trying to make the most of it.  Thank goodness for a few birthday parties and play dates to get us out here and there.

We have yet another snow day today so we plan on making Valentines decorations and cookies!

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