Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Moments

Attending Amelia's Tiny Tots class at the Rec Center each week.  She loves it!

Mommy had a birthday!  37!!  Daddy threw a nice little get together with some friends.

Amelia's obsessed with the book "You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie".  We have read it hundreds of times.

We made Irish Potatoes (not pictured) and non-pareils for St. Patrick's Day.  We wrapped them up pretty and gave them to teachers, family and friends.

Getting out on some warmer but still windy days to play.

Making sun catchers out of pony beads.

Ben fractured his radius one afternoon on the monkeybars.  It required a trip to the ER, some Xrays, and luckily, a cool brace instead of a cast.  Only one more week with the brace and it comes off for good.  It has already healed and hasn't been painful except for the day that it happened.  He is able to play T-ball on opening day!!

My best girlfriends from high school met up in Philadelphia one rainy weekend for our annual get together.  It was so nice to see them, talk and laugh alot, eat, shop and stay at the fancy Ritz Carlton.  Love those girls!

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