Sunday, June 29, 2014

Earth Day Clean Up

We walk the boys every morning to school.  Amelia rides in her pink push car which has a little trunk that opens for storage.  Every day, Benjamin finds at least one piece of trash lying in the street along our route, picks it up and puts it in Amelia's trunk.  I love that the boys understand how bad littering is without me having to remind them and that they want to pick up someone else's trash no matter how yucky it is, without me even asking!

So, for Earth Day, we thought it would be cool to clean up an area in town that needed it, somewhere we enjoy going.  We chose the Community Park which has a decent sized wooded trail right behind it.  The trail and its surrounding trees are fun to explore and there is always a ton of trash in there.

Daddy brought home cool grabbers from work and Ben, Dan and their friend Jimmy took turns grabbing trash and stuffing bags.  They each filled a bag then we tossed it properly and then played a bit.

They had a good time doing a good deed.  And of course, Amelia always has fun at a park these days.

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