Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Days 2014

Park days, day trips, lazy days at home, visits from friends and cousins, beach days, firework nights.  These summer days are coming to an end.  This summer brought the best weather ever, better than any summer I can ever remember.

We made the most of our summer but had some major distractions aka quickly throwing our house on the market, selling our house in one week, putting offers on three homes with no luck then suddenly having a reversal of luck and buying the last (and best!) house we tried for after someone else's offer fell through.

It's been chaotic and stressful to say the least on Mom and Dad's part.  Although it is always hard to say goodbye to summer, we are looking forward to school starting this week, autumn and all of the changes that it will bring.  Here's to smooth sailing with the purchase of our new home and then relaxing and making new memories with Grandmom under our roof as well!

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