Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Fort

We've had snow on the ground here in Point Pleasant since Dec. 26th. We got hit hard with a major snowstorm the day after Christmas and had to drive home from Marlton back to Point Pleasant through some of it which was not fun. It took us 3 hours instead of one hour and along the way, we saw a few unfortunate cars getting stuck on the highway. We got home safe though and thank goodness we left when we did (although we had to leave sweet Brooke's 1st birthday party early)because otherwise, we would've been stuck at our parents' for a few days only to come home to 2 ft. of snow! The snow drifts were unreal. It still hasn't melted. It was too deep to even play in but the boys played on the driveway as we shoveled and used their new huge dump trucks (from Mimi and Pop) to load and unload snowballs. We did make it sledding one day too.
I wish I had taken more pictures! Here are a few pictures of the cool snow fort/snowball throwing wall Daddy made for Ben and Dan, only to be knocked over shortly after. This was from the fresh snowfall we had a few days ago.
I think it's going to be a long, snowy winter!

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