Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Days Around Here

Dear Ben & Dan,
Week after week, it's been snowing. We have had snow on the ground since Christmas. Just when it starts to melt, it snows again!
We have been very cooped up lately but we are trying to make the most of it. I'm not going to fib, some days I want to scream and I keep telling you to just wait until spring because it is worth waiting for.
Anyway, here is what you have been doing:
drinking lots of hot cocoa
making (very early) Valentine keep asking what holiday comes next (very cute)
watching Mickey Mouse movies on repeat (you are obsessed)
going to our regular rec center classes
hosting and attending playdates with your new friends from the rec center
visiting with Grandmom while Grandpop was in CA and visiting the Marlton Barnes & Noble, of course
watching Mommy paint the kitchen cabinets
eating soup
mastering the art of (finally!) pooping on the potty EVERY time and eating lots of Valentine heart candy as a reward
napping with Mommy in our cozy fleece sheets
climbing into bed with Mom & Dad very early each morning
You guys are the best to hang around & be lazy with.
I love you,

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