Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We've officially put all of our Christmas decorations out for this year. I intentionally didn't go too crazy and kept quite a few still tucked away in the basement. I just felt like keeping it simple and leaving room for crafts & ideas that the kids and I will make throughout the season.

We aren't entertaining this year and for the first time ever, our Christmas Eve will be spent here at the house, just the four of us, which I am so excited about!

I mainly put out the things that Ben and Dan would enjoy and can actually touch. In fact, they helped me put most of our stuff out this year. It took some patience and some long breaks because trimming the tree for a 4 year old is only fun for approximately 7 minutes. But, it feels good to have the house look a little brighter and merrier. There is nothing better than the glow of twinkling lights at night.

Our newly painted yellow door is dressed up.

Fresh garland with lights on the porch.

Ben and Daniel's favorite dancing decoration. (They tap dance!)

Cookie tins just waiting to be filled!

Stockings hung on the kitchen chairs this year.

Window clings that the boys proudly hung themselves and continue to move around day after day.

Even a little cheer in the bedrooms. A glittery peace sign in our bedroom window and...

a mini tree for the boys' room.

Hope your house is warm, merry and bright too!

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