Thursday, October 25, 2012

5th Birthday Party!

Benjamin and Daniel are obsessed with the solar system right now, especially the planets.  Here is the proof in pictures that they took themselves while Mommy was busy with baby.

 These are just some of the planet art projects that Mommy has done with the boys.  Almost everyday for the past few months, Ben and Dan have asked me to help them do a planet craft.

I had to get creative, believe me!  We have done styrofoam (above) and clay (below) and everything in between such as paper, cardboard, foam, shrinky dinks, etc. etc.

 Here they are so proudly posing with their clay planets, all in order from closest to the sun to furthest.
Ask them anything about the solar system these days and they know the answer!

It was only fitting that this year on their 5th birthday, we have a solar system party!

I made lots of bunting with sparkly scrapbook papers.

The boys decorated the windows with planet cling -ons.

There's another solar system project that I plopped in the middle of the table.

We had a rainbow soda bar.

I made a planet bean bag toss for the yard.

We put twinkly lights on the deck.  I am keeping them out there forever I decided.

There were 2 cardboard rockets to color.  The kids had fun climbing inside!

Paint your pumpkin with stars and planets!

Dig for moon rocks and other space treasures!

Swirly planets hung from the trees.


Kelly and Amelia

Uncle John playing duck duck goose


Perhaps the best part of the party!  We arranged for the Hoffman's homemade ice cream truck to arrive!

Ice cream for the birthday boys and for all the guests! Pumpkin was the favorite flavor of the day.

Happy Birthday Benajmin and Daniel! We can't believe you are 5! Where has the time gone? You are the sweetest, most loving, brightest sons that any Mom and Dad could ask for.  We are blessed that you are ours and we love you more than the sun, the moon, the stars and all the planets put together!!!


  1. You are amazing!

  2. I love the pics! The party was awesome! Your so creative, and the boys are just perfect!