Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn Changes

I can see and feel the changes that autumn brings all around me.  Some feel so, so nice... like the picture perfect sunny but cool days & chilly nights sleeping with the windows open.  The pumpkin lattes & mums popping up on neighbor's porches.  Some are taking a little getting used to...like the tired boys adjusting to their school routine & recovering from their first of many colds of the season.  The sun that is setting earlier and earlier each day.

I find myself in the midst of so much personal change as well.  Finding time to be a good mom to the twins with a brand new baby is the hardest.  I feel spread so thin and I know this will get easier as Amelia gets older (she's already growing so fast...smiling and squealing!) , wanting so badly to get my body & energy back after baby, trying to do everything just as I used to as if I am not currently dealing with all this change!

I am not the most patient of people (Andrew will say that is an understatement!) & I am realizing that I am not too fond of change as well.  Is anyone really?  There are lots of personal lessons to be learned right in these moments.  I am sure of that.  The trick is noticing them, learning them and getting through each day with gratitude and grace.  It's not easy but I am trying!

And my sweet boys and little girl love me so much that they are being so patient through it all.

How adorable are those shirts handmade by my friend Lauren!

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